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Owning Your Emotions

This is The NEW WORLD. A great Shift in what we once thought to be true and how we lived our lives as women is no longer the way of the future! It's time to shift from our Forced Energy to our FLOW. To Spread our wings and fly with soul and purpose.

Are you a BOSS Babe? A Power House in your day job? totally successful in your career yet feeling MISALIGNED even with your success? Have you been hiding behind your Male energy in your workplace? Living life through your Masculine self during the day and suppressing your Soulful energy, keeping it only for Night's and Weekends for no one to see but yourself? Let me tell you, living this duality only leads to Frustration, Stress and Anger.  How do I know? I have been there! But 5 years ago I started to gradually align myself with my Own Emotions. It was a slow process, and one I did mainly on my own, but I now have a toolbox full of techniques that I have decided to share when I launched Welmä Lifestyle I have come out of the Soulful Closet and am here to support you on your journey!

This is the time for your SPIRITUAL Smackdown. Hiding behind our True Selves is NO longer Acceptable! We need to lean into our discomfort and get connected with who we really are.

- Are you energetically Misaligned?

- Are you afraid to Step into your Light?

- Do you feel Frustration, Anger, Stress even though you are successful in your career?

- Do you fear judgement in your corporate world?

If this sounds Like YOU, then you are at the right place. First sign up for my FREE 10 easy tips to Creating a Brighter, Better, Balanced Day and connect in so that we can grow our community of like Minded people. The first step to true Success is to surround yourself with the people who are there to support you through your journey.

This is the time to FIND Alignment within yourself and it's easier than you think!

Stop hiding behind your truest self, You can WOO your way to the Top, you can be aligned with your inner self & show it to the World. It's time to run your Business in strategic alignment through a Conscious Mission to show your inner self, to Step out of the stress and into the Light.

This is the time to come out into your New Light, in your NEW WORLD, where women no longer need to act like men. Where Soulfulness, compassion and grace are no longer denied in the workplace. Once you step into your Light you will be able to spread that light forward. Stop Looking Right on the OUTSIDE and Start Feeling Right on the INSIDE. It's no longer acceptable to simply act sensibly it's time to own your soul. Through the lessons I've learned over the last three years (that took me a lifetime to understand) I am showing up now to support you on your journey and to help you put your SELF at the heart of your Life, a LIFESTYLE that I am here to broker for you in your Corporate World! Let's find Balance and Strength to break through to the other Side!


If you would like 1on1 coaching to find your alignment and reduce stress to live a more balanced life then connect in on the heart button below to start your journey towards a happier you!

FABULOUS PHOTO by Lissa Constantine
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