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 2020 was the year of Evolution

2023 is the year I stepped fully into my Truth


About Me

Hi! I'm Susan, a Multipreneur or better yet a Soulfulpreneur

I call myself a Multipreneur because I am a multi-passionate person.

I am an interior designer by training, a residential real estate broker and Wellness advocate who thoroughly enjoys Sound Healing, 🧘‍♀️ yoga, Stand up paddle boarding, tennis, snowboarding and the great outdoors but is still a city chick at heart (Hello New York, Paris and Tokyo!) I'm someone who luvs to have an occasional girls night "in" that involves drinking Champagne and playing board games! I have traveled to every continent whether for work or pleasure and am fueled by the feeling of adventure! I have lived life always trying new things and adding a 🌼 holistic edge to my health and home. I prefer a herbal and integrative approach to wellness and adore ✨ Meditation, Hammams, making visions boards, crystals and trying new holistic healing modalities. I certainly have a sweet tooth and can never have enough Pasteis de Nata (that amazing Portuguese egg tart)  and dark chocolate. I must admit, I am a 🌞summer girl, I'll take Sun, Sand and Beach over snow any day but, I get outside in the winter all the time to kick its' butt and not let it control me or get me down! 🦋 I Consider myself creative and have a serious thing for an eclectic Urban Boho chic look that is a perfect blend of Modern and Vintage (Tokyo meets Woodstock)

                              🖇 I enjoy a work / life balance.. and am not afraid to work hard to play hard...


This brings us to today...

For the last 30 years I have designed interiors from Residential to Hotels and Private Jets for others, made decisions to best suit my customers' style and needs. In Real estate I help people find Their perfect home or sell their family home filled with Their memories and good times. So as a New Decade arrived, I decided to launch


WELMÄ Lifestyle

A site dedicated to my lifestyle. A decision to approach my Corporate Life with a Soulful approach! As I say, I am going to WOO my way to the top! In this newly launched site I will guide you through my style, my likes, my dreams and the tools and ideas I use to to stay connected to my Self , while working in the Corporate world. These tools are offered with the goal of Inspiring YOU! with my LIFE style. To offer all the information, tools and great finds that create a full story. I'll share design, lifestyle, travel, wellness  ideas and tips that support dreaming big and living bigger! A way to take this look and lifestyle and make it your own. Ideas, images and info that will be shared as a journey and one as you follow along can hopefully help you create this Lifestyle for yourself. That's why I am referring to my role here as a Lifestyle Broker! A Soulful-preneur, A place where WOO, Spirituality, a sense of self or however one wishes to call it is the underlying strength that guides my corporate world. 2020 was a time for Evolution where the world, as we once knew it, no longer is our future. Corporate Individuality is no longer an interesting way of working and women no longer have to pretend to be like men. We are strong, yet can be sensitive, we are nurturing yet can take time for Self,  We can be a Powerhouse at our day job but approach it with kindness and spirituality. This is the new Mutation, the new Baseline in which I wish to live and Stand strong, in community with like minded individuals who do not judge us based on how many clients we have but rather on how happy our clients are, and how happy we are. It starts with SELF, the strength to be you and take the tools required to reach your own personal happiness so that it can flow to those that surround you. A place where you can simply dream or turn that dream into a reality.

Which brings me to TODAY! 2023 the year I chose to step into my truth and following my dream and my vision. The year I chose to open WELMÄ Studio. A unique SALT studio, a sanctuary in the city,  where YOU are invited to follow your life's dreams, to focus on your inner wellness, to breathe in deeply to exhale the old and inhale the the new. A place where community can come together to share in this vision of Self-Care, Self-love and the idea that anything is possible! if you live your life to your Souls purpose. 

Thank you for joining me on my Wave and I look forward to Sailing my Blue Ocean with you!

With Love and joy ♡



Do you have questions about where to go in the Montreal area for some additional mindset and wellness workshops and events? If so, please sign up to keep an eye on links to events that I will be attending to help me stay aligned in this busy world..



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