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Better Beauty Advocacy- BEAUTYCOUNTER

Do you want high performing SAFE Skincare? And have it delivered to your door? Now is the time to Swap out your Toxic products to CLEAN beauty and Safer Skincare. Time to think about what we are putting ON our bodies not just In our bodies.

In keeping with a healthy body and mind is healthy Skin and Clean Makeup!

While sharing my love for Oils I came to understand the great importance of using Clean Skincare and Makeup. Our Skin is our largest organ and absorbs what we put onto it!. Beautycounter is a Movement to change the beauty industry regulations while offering award winning Performing Skincare and Beauty products. We are advocating to change regulations that are still allowing questionable ingredients into our skincare and beauty products.

Beautycounter now has over 1800 harmful or questionable Ingredients that form part of their NEVER list.. Never to be used in their products.. They also advocate for transparency in the industry. It is important to change the regulations as Canada only bans 600 ingredients and the US only bans 30 !! Today through this movement we are encouraging that Government make changes to their regulations to the benefit of everyone involved not just Beautycounter clients and customers. They are a certified B corporation and Cruelty Free...

I am very proud to be a part of this movement and love the community of like-minded people that work together and help each other towards this common goal. Their products are truly amazing and I LOVE everything about this company and their products.

If you want to learn more about the company or adding Safer Cleaner skincare and Beauty to your life please reach out on the heart button attached. Or if you would like to join the movement please let me know!!



photo and cover photo Vicki Bartel


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