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BRAVE, female Entrepreneurs FREE

A Monthly Dynamic Sacred Empowerment Circle for Trailblazing Female Entrepreneurs

  • Welmä Studio

Service Description

BRAVE: a Blossoming Rose in your 3rd Act of Life Are you on an Odyssey of Entrepreneurial Change? Do you feel Alone, Lost, Confused or Scared as you turn the Corner and Journey on your New Path to Success? Don't let Solitude be your demise, since in community and support we can Rise. Description: Embark on an exhilarating entrepreneurial journey with our exclusive monthly workshop, "BRAVE: A Blossoming Rose in your 3rd act of life" – a vibrant Sacred Circle crafted for daring female entrepreneurs ready to unveil their true paths. As you navigate the twists of midlife redirection, unearth the depths of your authentic calling, and boldly release the anchors holding back your growth, this sacred circle becomes your haven for unwavering support and a knowing that it's never too late to soar! Visualize this workshop as your compass through the intricate entrepreneurial path, where discussions delve into the lows of feeling alone and overwhelmed and the highs of realizing untapped potential. Envision a transformation akin to a rose, embracing thorns on the journey to flourishing petals. In "Blossoming Rose," recognize that, like a seed in darkness, your growth demands confronting and embracing shadows. This isn't merely a workshop; it's your key to an empowering community – a robust support system comparable to the thorns on a rose stem. Amid shared vulnerabilities, we rise, flourish, and exhibit strength together. It's not just about confronting challenges; it's about celebrating victories. Join us, share your stories, and exchange tools propelling each other toward success on the enthralling adventure of living your true entrepreneurial path. Let our collective wisdom be the catalyst for your growth, intertwining like thorns fortifying the rose – a resilient, uplifting network dedicated to propelling you and your fellow entrepreneurs to unparalleled success. This is for true risk-takers genuinely interested in forging a new life path. Together, our success stories and struggles form the blueprint for individual success. No flower stands alone! Secure your spot now and thrive with us! A Monthly Gathering. Limited to 12 Female trailblazers. *this is a circle of trust & sharing, a place to be seen and heard and intended for moral support, the success of your business remains yours to be had.

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule a class please contact at least 24hrs in advance otherwise your payment or class pass will be charged in full. Should your cancellation be due to Covid or other medical situation a doctors note or positive test is required to transfer the payment to a future class otherwise the class or event will be charged in full. All Packages and memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable. If you are unsure about your ability to commit to a package there is the option to book individual classes. Packages must be redeemed solely by the individual whose name is attached to the package. By Booking you agree to our Studio Policy and Terms and Conditions Waiver available for review on our website. Minimum age 15years There is a buzzer to the left of the front door for entry. After 6pm weekdays and on Sundays parking is free on Sherbrooke St. There is also 2 hour free parking on the East side of Prince Albert, pls check sign for exceptions. Feel free to bring an Eye Mask for classes such as Yin Yoga, meditation, Relaxation or Kundalini Codes Activation. The Studio has 12 mats for your use but it you prefer you can bring your own.

Contact Details

  • 4891 Sherbrooke Street West, Westmount, QC, Canada

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