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How to Reduce Your Stress by Increasing Your Female Energy

Are you a Corporate Boss Babe that is super successful in your career yet, you are feeling stress, anger and frustration? Well did you know that you are most probably working in your Masculine energy? I'm here to let you in on some easy tips to reduce that pent up Stress by Decreasing your Male energy and by Increasing your Female Flow.

The story behind Male Energy: It can be described as our driving force ! Masculine energy is where our focus and decisiveness are found. If you are the type to want to do it all alone without asking for help to hit your goals and meet your challenges so that you can prove to the world that you thrive in these situations then guess what? You are working solely through your masculine energy. Competition and Control are the wheels that keep you moving forward... But with these strengths come weaknesses...

Just because you are meeting your goals doesn't mean you are flowing through life happily.. If you are anything like I was, then you are living in Masculine energy, I'm guessing you come home and feel exhausted, with nothing left to give your husband and kids. The idea of having to be "on" again after a busy day at work can leave you feeling anger and resentment. Working in this energy you have also learned to keep your emotions at bay, tucked completely out of site with the sole goal of attacking the day right to the bitter end. It is ingrained in you to move forward and motor through it. Resulting in digestive problems, holding grudges, stiff muscles, clenching jaws and focusing on the to-do list at hand. WOW how does that sound? Familiar?

So let's talk about Female Energy: When you are living in Constant Motion, in Fluidity and Flow you are using your intuition, you are emotionally receptive to what is happening around you. There is a sense of creativity and community. You rely on your gut instinct to guide you with your decisions. This feminine energy has you smiling more, taking in nature and feeling the sun beaming down on you, you are in touch with your senses and use your emotions to guide you. That task at hand can wait until a little later in the day.

So let me be clear, I am not saying that living solely in Feminine energy is the answer to your quest for reduced stress.. What is important is to find Balance between Male and Female or Yin and Yang, that iconic symbol is the ultimate balance, like when you were a child and you were on a teeter totter with your friend and you tried to stop in the middle to balance on that perfect horizontal plank. This is the word Alignment! And until you can live in alignment you will be feeling a sense of lacking in some part of your life. This lacking most often results in a sense of anger, stress or even a feeling of a scarcity of self worth. We are talking about releasing your corporate mindset and finding your inner freedom, your ability to shed your conditioned belief that in order to be successful you need to check your emotions at the door and when it comes to your workload that you can do it all.. Because guess what? You can't!

So at this point are you starting to resonate with the idea that you are working out of alignment? and asking yourself what you can do now to change how you have been living for all these years and wondering if it is even possible to make a change? the answer is YES!

Corporate Boss Babes or A-type personalities, as some like to refer to successful women in business... there is good news for you, there is a toolbox full of tools to help move you forward towards less stress and more happiness. Here I will provide five simple tips that you can apply today to Soften your interior and show up with more Ebb and Flow in your workplace and your life. If you have been Hiding behind the person you are meant to be this is the time to show up for yourself! to feel the freedom that has been caged within you of who you are truly meant to be and who deep down inside you have always wished to be..

photo Faye Cornish

Here are 5 Super Simple Tips that you can apply today to begin the shift.

1- Drink More Water! Simple as this sounds, you need to Hydrate. Drinking half your body weight in ounces of water is the simple calculation to consume in your day. Not only is it good for you it will allow your energy to flow more freely. Most women I speak to that live in Masculine energy don't find the time to drink nearly enough water during their day. This can lead to headaches, dehydration and a lack of energetic flow. Even if we are well-intentioned and bring that stainless water bottle to work, we often forget to drink it or to refill it if we do. Time to schedule your water breaks!

2- Meditate. Morning meditation even if for just 10 minutes allows you to check in with your breath. Sitting in your own thoughts can open your mind to how you are really feeling. If something feels off ask yourself why? Bring that feeling to the surface. When you live in masculine energy you tend to push things down, holding them in your gut. Breath deep in silence for 10 minutes, breath into your gut and bring those thoughts to the surface so that you can write them down and then deal with them. No more hiding behind your emotions. Right them down, confront them and learn the tools to deal with them..

3- Lunch. Take time out of your busy schedule to eat a proper lunch. Turn off your cell phone and even if you only have 30 minutes to eat do it mindfully without any distractions. Working on low energy and reduced fuel is like driving a car on empty, fuel up with the colours of the rainbow, eating healthy is part of a balanced body. Planning a healthy lunch the night before and scheduling your menus for the week can help you to better plan for this time until this becomes second nature and you can flow more freely with your lunch menus. Take this time to check in with yourself again. How did the morning go? do you need to adjust, are you blocked or already feeling pressure or stress then ask someone for help. This is the time to rely on others if you need assistance. Call in a friend or colleague. Don't forget the female energy has you working in community.. not alone! Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, get out of your mind and into your heart. People will not judge you for reaching out. Turn your "No thanks I've got this" attitude into a "Sure I could use a hand with this" new way of thinking and working.

4- Exercise. Try adding an activity that doesn't involve running a 10k marathon.. go on a walk in nature or stretch and add some yoga to your week. Maybe take a bike ride, but not with the goal of crushing it up that steep hill! just to cruise and look at the flowers that have been planted in your neighbourhood.. And again take this time to check in with yourself. How do you feel? what did you do well and are proud of? Celebrate those wins. What did you lose control over and could do better next time? Bring that to the surface and acknowledge it. The more you reflect on your wins the better you will feel and the more you acknowledge your mistakes the more you will be aware of them when they are happening the next time and you will eventually be able to shift towards other ways of handling these moments..

5- Laughter. Yes Laugh out loud! Fill yourself with Oxygen, laughter is a positive burst to our energetic system.. So simple. Use it! When you are working in the masculine energy you often forget to have a little fun and take it down a notch. Everything starts to feel like a task or something that has a deadline and due date, lighten up a little. Watch a funny movie, talk to a friend that seems to always have a sense of humor. You know who they are! Use laughter and smile! as they say it takes 65 muscles to frown and 13 to make a smile. Why work overtime?

Balance: Finding the right balance balance between male and female energy is the answer to a clearer mind. if you think of a stream, the masculine energy is the water that gushes forward in a straight line, one with too much structure, overworked and no emotion. Which inevitably leads to stress, anger, anxiety and lack of sleep. On the other hand, too much feminine energy is also out of balance, with ideas flowing in all directions, swaying too far to the right and too far to the left without enough direction, like a stream that meanders so slowly that the water finds itself in stillness, not having the power to flow over any rocks or obstructions, rather gathering in inactivity and escaping over the edges of the bank leading to irritability and a sense of loss of control.

Balance Baby that's what we are talking about! so to come back to the visual of that stream, is one in which there are just enough turns and just the right amount of movement to keep the water flowing in constant motion, the better the water is guided the more the water can flow in ease and abundance.. And now we are talking happiness, Ebb and Flow! Not just for you, this happiness will definitely spill over in the direction of your family, your friends and your co-workers..

There are so many ways to incorporate actions and activities to bring your feminine energy to the surface and if you feel like you may be living with too much masculine energy, I invite you to get in touch so that we can put a plan in place to start you on your journey towards happiness, ease and flow. I have a toolbox full of tips and tools that has me sitting in better alignment today. If you would like to sit at the other end of the teeter totter in alignment with me, please reach out.

ps. Fun Tip: Wear a skirt! now that the weather is nice throw on a skirt or a dress, just changing into something more light and feminine is a good energy shifter, throw on your favourite lipstick.. (non-toxic of course..) and show the world your feminine side!

If you have a few simple tips you would love to share that have helped you shift your masculine energy please feel free to comment!

With love and joy ♡


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