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Good Morning JOE!

Do you start your day with a good ol' cup of coffee a.k.a JOE? If you are like me, one of the first things I do in the morning is reach for the coffee beans.. I could say that I am even somewhat of a coffee aficionado! The type of person a Barista either loves to serve or hates to serve since I have my personal idea of what makes a perfect cup of coffee, right down to the type of cup it is served in... Sound familiar? Is that you?

If not that's ok, you can be a drip or instant coffee lover too, I won't judge you! I'm actually here just to share some amazing things you can do once you have finished your morning cup and are ready to throw those grounds away...

STOP! Wait.. There are so many amazing things you can do with your old grounds and I'm going to share 5 GREAT uses especially since the nice weather is coming our way. What does coffee have to do with the weather you ask? Let's dive into that right now.

1- Exfoliating Scrub, TIME for Open toe shoes! Yes.. WOOHOO let's all cheer for warm weather and letting those toes get some fresh air. EAKK.. Haven't had a pedicure all winter? Not to worry. Even in this lock down you can give yourself a Foot scrub. Coffee grounds are an excellent exfoliant!

Here is an easy DIY recipe so you can get those feet ready for your flip flops.. By the way, this scrub can be used on elbows, hands or any dry are you want to show a little love to.

  • 4 Tsp (20ml) coconut, olive, or preferred oil- I use Fractionated coconut oil since it stays in it's liquid form and is not greasy.

  • 1/3 cup (75ml) ground coffee (let air dry a few days before blending)

  • 2 Tbsp (30ml) sugar

  • 12 drops of essential oil. The one pictured above is friend who offered it as a gift with orange and Eucalyptus ahhh so nice! uplifting and rejuvenating..

Use the scrub in the bath or shower and then let those tiny grains deodorize and de-clog your drain pipes while you wash them down with hot water. BUT don't put large quantities of coffee grounds down your drain, you wouldn't want to clog your drains...

2- Highlight Dark Hair Naturally.. Yes Coffee can be used to highlight hair. No need to worry about not seeing your hairdresser right now!

Brunettes and darker redheads can turn up the shine in their hair by rinsing dry, clean hair with strong, cooled coffee. ps. Not recommended for blonde or silver hair.

  • Steep used coffee grounds in 2 cups hot water for 15 minutes or so and then rinse through hair for a darker, more vibrant shine

  • You can also pour 1-2 tablespoons straight into your conditioner.

3- Clear Up Acne! Hello NICE Skin..

Coffee has natural astringent and antioxidant properties which make it a great cleanser and toner for your face.

  • Just mix your coffee grounds with enough milk to make a paste.

  • Rub it on for about a minute, relax, let it sit for about 20 minutes. Time enough to drink another cup of coffee..

  • Rinse Clean

  • Then you can apply your favourite face cream and you are ready to start your day! Beautycounter has a great new Cocoboost moisturizer that is a lightweight, non-greasy daily moisturizer that absorbs quickly and provides nourishing hydration. Perfect for sensitive skin, the gentle formula features a blend of coconut oil and aloe vera to nourish and soothe skin, as well as vitamin E to help protect against environmental aggressors.

4- Enhance your soil, Starting to Garden? Think of adding coffee grounds around the base of trees, in vegetable garden beds or to help grow your little seedlings. But use the coffee grounds in a thin layer, never over use them in a thick layer you don't want to suffocate those little seeds.

  • Coffee grounds are highly acidic, so spread them generously over the flower beds of acid loving plants, such as Azaleas and Hydrangeas, Hello! glorious blooms!

  • Also filled with potassium, phosphorous, copper and magnesium, the grounds release nitrogen as they degrade providing the energy needed to turn organic matter into compost.

  • Use the grounds at the base of your trees or around places you don’t want ants, or on the ant hills themselves. It is said that used grounds also repel snails and slugs.

  • Mix used grounds with chopped orange peels and sprinkle liberally around your garden and flowerbeds to keep cats from peeing in your lovely garden.

5- Gardener or Kitchen Soap, Once you are done gardening think of cleaning up those garden hands... Or maybe you have been doing too many dishes from all those home cooked meals these days and want to exfoliate that dry skin....

Make your own soap with both scrubbing and exfoliating action at the same time!

  • melt a bar of glycerin soap and add 1/3 cup coffee grounds of course you can always add a little Lavender oil for the benefit of soothing your dry skin..

  • reshape bar in a mold and use.

Have you used coffee grounds for any DIY recipes that you would like to share? Let me know I would love to hear from you!

With love and Joy ♡


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