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At HOME: Stuck between these four walls...What can I do now?

Are you tired of looking at the interior of your home? It's only been a few weeks since we have been on lock down but already our walls may seem to be closing in on us? Here are few tips to revitalize your space, change your mood.. and add a little Zing or Zen to your life..


Did you know that Colour alone can change your mood and your rooms energy?

Think of Colour like a mood enhancer, or calm creator. There is emotion in colour, feelings and memories can be brought to the surface by simply adding colour!

If you have a lovely white canvas to work from but want to change your mood. Here are a few of my favourite colours that can bring your vibe up or ground it down.

  • Yellow, I love to use Yellow as an accent colour because even in the depth of Winter this ray of sunshine seems to enhance my mood, creating a cheery atmosphere no matter what is going on outside. If your walls are mainly white think of painting the Ceiling of your kitchen Yellow! it reflects the light creating a warm and inviting space. Gives a little pop of sunshine, especially to small spaces. Uplifting your mood so you are ready to start creating some wonderful culinary masterpieces..


  • Blue is a calming colour, do you find your energy is on overdrive and you want to feel more grounded and relaxed? Try adding calming blue tones to your space. Select shades that have a softer shade, that lean towards grey blues since some blues can enhance your energy or can give off a colder vibe. Think of a coastal beachy vibe, something to bring your blood pressure down and steady the mind. Add some natural elements like Jute , driftwood or cotton to keep that grounded feeling throughout your room. Also adding some living plants to your space will help purify the air and bring the feeling of the outside in.. Give yourself a true Staycation!

Photo by Belivin' Design

  • Fuschia is a colour of excitement and energy, if you are feeling glum and looking to add that extra spark into your life I love to pair this colour with Orange which is also a boost of enthusiasm that will stimulate your senses. When you combine these colours together they create that exotic feeling as if you are on an trip to India or Morocco. This combination packs the punch you need to uplevel your white interior and send you on an adventure. Fun fact, did you know that at a certain point if you use a lot of dark Pink you can actually achieve the opposite effect and have a calming environment!

Photo by Alyse Studios

  • Greige is a combo of grey and beige. If you are looking to take your mornings super chill, think of using a palette that is a layering of neutrals. this is a pajama all day long vibe. Use it with some gunmetal grey or black metal details, wood accents and some crisp white, you can also add a very soft touch of light pink or lavender to give it that extra feeling of calm and softness.. Sleep in, take it easy and hopefully someone can bring you your coffee in bed!

Photo by Marzena Marideko

Let me know what colour you resonate with and why.

Here is a quick list of some additional colours and the moods they can bring out in you:

Red has been shown to raise blood pressure and speed respiration and your heart rate. It is usually considered a stimulating colour.

Green also has a calming effect. It is thought to relieve stress by helping you relax.

Purple is dramatic and can instill creativity and mystery.

And if you want to know about adding plants to your interior to purify your air check out the wellness section of my site.... plants can be added to any of the room colours suggested above!

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