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Are you living life as your TRUE SELF? or are you making decisions solely with your Mind?

Today, there are so many amazing options available to assist with our Mindset.

Tools that used to be used by only a small number of people, are now being recognized as more mainstream. The idea of Mindset work, Meditation, Yoga, to name a few, can now all be considered wonderful options which can be incorporated into our daily lifestyle routines. And thankfully so!

But there are still some tools that are lesser known and can have a terrific impact in the way we view ourselves, understand our decisions and get to know who we really are. Tools that leave us questioning ourselves on a higher level. Today I want to discuss HUMAN DESIGN


HUMAN DESIGN has recently been introduced to me and I felt compelled to write about this multifaceted, complex system, that can luckily, also be broken down into some basic principles that are truly EYE opening and JAW dropping!

Before I get to Human Design however, I need to step back a moment and speak about the MIND vs the BODY. When we speak about mindset and meditation we are speaking about the idea of controlling our Mind and our Brains in order to achieve mental clarity or awareness or to open up inwardly to our subconscious. The simple idea of Meditation, which I adore don't get me wrong! is about shutting down the mind to get to a deeper state of consciousness. To turn off all our thoughts to see what percolates at a subconscious level. But even in doing so we are going to our MIND and our breathe for meditation.

We can certainly find great insight into deeper clarity of thought when we do this. But when we are back into reality and are asked to make a decision we often go right back to our active minds. Most often our natural instincts kick back in and we remember what we have been taught as children.. "Hurry up, think quick, make a decision. Just go with your first thought, what does your brain tell you, etc..." This is our Conditioned Mind.

That said, did you know that Humans produce about 12,000-60,000 thoughts a day and approximately 70-80% of them are Negative thoughts? and that from our thoughts 95% are repetitive thoughts... That means we repeat the same stories over and over again through our conditioning. Through beliefs that we have built up in our Minds over the years and play back like a broken record. It is true that you can use tools to help master your mind over time and with practice can overcome this repetitive belief. And those tools we can discuss at a later date BUT..... for this topic my point is you are still dealing with your MIND!

What if someone told you your mind was not the only source for how you handle situations and make decisions? HUH?? Say what??

This is where we come to HUMAN DESIGN! That crazy chart above, that may mean absolutely nothing to you, holds the key to a completely different theory!

Human Design, founded by Ra Uru Hu, in basic layman's terms, breaks down the human population into Categories! Yes we all belong to a category, called a TYPE. There are 4 main types; Projectors, Manifestors, Generators and Reflectors. This is your Type that is expressed through your AURA. So when people speak about Aura's there is a sphere of energy around you that spans about two arms lengths long. This Aura is ingrained in each of us at birth. You've heard the term you're in my Bubble, right? well this is when someone is basically in your Aura Sphere, our energetic Blueprint.

And within our defined TYPE there are Centers and Channels that are either opened or closed. ie. defined or not defined. And we live through this Personalized chart when we make our decisions in life. So when you are told to think from the MIND and act from the MIND you are not always capable of this action! YES that's right! that's not to say you can't be a just means you may need to think from a different part of your body! YOU may be defined in your ROOT, or your SACRAL, or your SPLEEN, or your THROAT as examples, instead of your HEAD..

WOW that's a lot to take in, right?

Human Design is defined on many levels and is quite complex but what is interesting is that an entirely new perspective of ourselves can be had! We can understand more of why we make decisions the way we do and why we react to things the way we do and why our friends, family and acquaintances act or react to our actions as well. Humans are described based on their Birth Chart or BODY GRAPH (that's mine above!!) to reveal your True Genetic design and shows you how to access your body's Consciousness as a decision making tool not only from your MIND but rather from your defined (coloured) and undefined (white) Centers so that you can live your TRUEST SELF. It allows you to know yourself on a unique level, allowing you to understand who you ARE and who you are NOT.. Your NOT self are the moments you feel frustration, anger, unease.. When you are acting NOT from your true self but through your Conditioning. You can have a clearer understanding of why this is happening and also realize a deeper understanding of where your true ability to move forward in your decision making lies. NOT ONLY with your MIND !

As I had stated earlier approximately 80% of our thoughts are NEGATIVE! why not understand why it is so and how we can learn to control them. If not, at least try and figure them out...

If you would like to know more about human design you can get your chart at as they say: "The Human Design System is a logical system that provides a practical tool for self-discovery and correct decision-making." A tool for the Next generation of knowing yourself.. and then I can let you know a few top line details about who you are and what it means to be YOU! your TRUEST YOU!

This topic is so fascinating to me! It has me understanding a whole new level of MYSELF that is undeniably me. It has opened up so much clarity and allows me to realize how I am wired and from where my thoughts and decisions are made and from where my frustrations are born, I open this up solely as a topic of conversation not to profess any expertise.... only to share my new found tool for better self discovery. To question this theory as a means to understanding ourselves on a different level..

A lesser known theory that has clarified so many questions for me!

Modern day Society places us in a box and asks us to adhere to the rules. Human Design allows us to better understand why our unique capacities do not allow us to all fit in to the same box and why we handle this box in different ways and it gives us guidance on our true abilities in making decisions that are right for us... handling them with our Bodies not only our Minds! Fascinating right!

Let me know your thoughts I would love to discuss this topic with you further!

With Love and Joy ♡


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