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Spring, Is this your time for Growth & Renewal? Which side of your Mindset are you living right now?

As we close out our first month of Spring and approach Earth day we have lots to look back on and lots to look forward to. The darkness of the earth and the depths of the ground are still cold and damp, the earth had sat buried by the snow for months, unable to see the light of day.

Yet deep in this darkness are the seeds of Life! still and waiting without breathe and without movement, encapsulated in their shell, silent until the darkness is uncovered and light can start to shine on the earth and water can nourish the soil. This is how we may be feeling in our lock-down. Still and silent, coiled in unto ourselves, waiting for the light to shine back onto us. But how are You taking this time? Are you taking this time to plan for the lightness? Are you leaning into the discomfort? Since in fact, in this time of stillness, we do have the power to define our mindset.

Are you looking towards new and exciting plans, trying new recipes, creating new projects and taking this gift of time as a moment to experiment? or are you living in the darkness unwilling to change for the fear of the unknown and what is to come?

Which side of your mindset are you living right now? Are you consciously choosing growth and positivity or are you coiling in towards the comfort of your past?

I believe that we have the power to control one thing and that is our emotions, our mind and our outlook. As the seeds of life sit in darkness they are actually preparing to explode above ground and lay their foundations for strength and abundance. We too can take this moment of darkness to plant our seeds of growth, to gain hold of our minds and express joy rather than sorrow, showing compassion and empathy towards ourselves and towards others. Knowing that the work we do now can provide the solid roots for our blossoming tomorrow.

A seed while remaining small in the darkness is in fact in full preparation to shed its first layer and burst out of the soil. We too can be preparing for the inevitable return to light. But maybe, just maybe we can even transform our normal and create a new and exciting future for ourselves. Are you using this time as a catalyst for growth and change, for regeneration and renewal? will you be showing up as resilient from life's natural shifts that at times cause disturbance or damage?

How are you creating your new future? Your seed has been hidden for a month now in the darkness what will you be expressing when the light shines back on us and we are watered and nourished again?

Earth Day is fast approaching on the 22nd of April, and it is established to honor the Earth and the concept of peace. What will you be doing to Honor yourself as a single Seed of this earth. Will you be flourishing and growing towards abundance or have you chosen to stay hidden beneath the surface?

I would love to hear your comments on what you are doing to use this time to grow. May the sunlight be cultivating your spirit to thrive and expand.

With Love and Joy ♡


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