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A Reflection on HOPE

Happy Easter, Happy Passover!

A moment to reflect on HOPE.

This is the time to give yourself permission to be right where you are in this very moment.. whether that means in your strengths or in your weaknesses. A permission to fail, to reflect on them, then to learn from them in order to retry again tomorrow..

We are all settling in to our adjustment to this new life and pauses in our routine due to holidays and celebrations, gives us the opportunity to reflect back on how it has gone and what we can do differently. Each day is a new day and one which gives us limitless possibilities to do it all better the next time. To soak in the possibilities with a fresh new perspective. HOPE is not just wanting and wishing for an outcome to happen but to take control of our mind and tame our inner critic. Remove all self doubt and move forward with a positive momentum.. it’s in our hands to sit in reflection of where we are at today, accept the good with the bad and then take our inner strengths and move forward tomorrow!

We are in this together! Questioning the challenges that have now been imposed on us. We humans are made to be resilient and move forward with life’s changes, even if we have been blown off track. Today you are exactly where you are meant to be. Sit with the feelings and no matter where you are at, you can use Hope to drive you Forward, Fearlessly tomorrow.

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