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My Why, opening up on...

The TRUTH Behind the Veil

Hi my name is Susan Homa, I am an entrepreneur by most people's standards but I prefer to coin the term Soulfulpreneur... I am an interior designer by trade that had designed high end residences, hotels and finally private jets, for the last decade of that career. I was lucky enough to travel the world for work, which was manageable with one child but when the twins came I decided to make a serious career change into Residential Real Estate in order to be more flexible with my time and work closer to home.. This decision is ironically what has brought me here today....

Life often gives you many Choices, the decisions you take can lead you down different paths. This is where I am today!

Stress, Anger, Unhappiness?

These aren't words I would have Chosen to be a part of my vocabulary.. But they became part of My story and who I was becoming. I had 2 successful careers, a husband, 3 children, a dog, a city house and a cottage too. Everything that one would think looked glamorous from the outside. Well this is where my story comes in...

"your Heart knows things that your Mind can't explain" Kushandwizdom

Here is the The truth behind the veil. When I joined a Beauty company and decided to share the movement for better beauty people may have questioned what a Residential real estate broker that was previously a jet designer would be doing selling skincare? Right? Well I’m going to expose the truth of it all. I am someone who has traveled to every continent of the world for either pleasure or business, I have eaten, smelled, lived, and experienced all sorts of fascinating cultures and always tried to do so as close to living like a local as I could, not afraid to go off the beaten track. Really diving into each culture and absorbing the heart of where I was and what I was experiencing.. I thrived on what the world had to offer.

In the meantime, on my journeys, I also learned of many holistic techniques and options that were available when things didn’t go as planned. I have cured some small medical issues over the years when western doctors didn’t always have the answer, well.. somehow alternative or holistic options would work in my favour. You ask why I’m speaking of this in this story? Well it is all intertwined.

My whirlwind life of travel also allowed me to understand early on that there was a world of plants and medicine that was more foreign to our Western world especially going back over 30 years ago. Now to bring this full circle and to today... I am a mom of three who changed her jet setting, globe trotting interior design career to become a real estate broker in order to be able to be flexible with my hours and to stay closer to home to have more time to raise my three kids. Well, that’s what I thought when I made the decision to become a broker, what I didn’t realize was when I changed my career path in order to strive for more flexibility, I was also locking myself into a box. One of stress, un-comfort and at times even anger. I had jumped into a world where money seemed to be a driving factor and the question out of everyone’s mouth was how is your business going? Wow what a question? How’s your business going? or how many listings do you have now? or better yet, How many customers are you working with? I was being defined by how many clients I had or how many listings my name would be attached to. I thought to myself, this isn't why I took on this career change. No one ever seemed to ask me how I was or how my family was doing... I realized that although I enjoyed some, even Many aspects of this new career choice; the people, the interactions and my personal desire to succeed for each client, taking on each offer or listing as if it was my own to win or lose. I also realized that something was missing or off. I couldn’t shake my stress, being hooked to the phone 24/7 always on call during holidays, weekends or evenings. Shushing my kids to be quiet because I was on a call. Not being able to tell my clients I was in the middle of dinner or at a family event because I was expected to be “on” all the time otherwise I would be perceived as not working hard enough or not available enough for the clients... now this I have learned has absolutely Nothing! to do with my career choice, I have had amazing customer relations, this head chatter was exactly that, just a story I told myself in my own head... One I thought I needed to create, one I thought I needed to live by.

The fact that I CHOSE a career that is structured mainly on working nights, weekends and holidays and is a career that also involves a certain level of being exposed to your level of success in the industry or lack there of was not new information, I knew the industry I was going into, what I didn't know was that my emotions weren't ready to accept the change. And on my end my hormones were reacting to this Change.

Knowing all I did about Eastern medicine I decided to start to incorporate essential oils more regularly into my life and with a brand that I trusted for its’ purity and potency. And YES! This did help, I learned to reduce my stress and balance my hormones, taking daily vitamins and minerals, and incorporating my oils into many touch points during my day clearly helped to reduce my stress and improve my sleep.. I became so passionate about the benefits and power of the oils that I decided to share the benefits of how these amazing plant based oils could help others too. I studied their benefits, read books, and basically threw myself into the world of oils for the greater good of myself, my family and hopefully for others.. while sharing these wonderful benefits at a mom/baby cafe in walked Kim, a Beautycounter representative interested in learning about the oils for her new, growing family. We hit it off instantly and decided to do collaborative workshops together to stand stronger together while explaining the benefits of reducing our toxic load and the importance this has on our bodies and our minds..

Guess what?? I hadn’t bought a single Beautycounter product for the first three collaborative events that Kim and I had done together. Why?? Because I was so fixed on my oils and what I was sharing that I wasn’t REALLY Listening to Kim and what SHE was sharing... OMG when my brain finally clicked I said wait a minute I’m reducing my toxic load through oils and by swapping out my toxic cleaning products like laundry detergent or my toothpaste, and deodorant etc. or by adding peppermint to my shampoo and lavender to my conditioner BUT, I’m still putting toxic makeup on my FACE!!! The largest organ of my body, the skin ! And the largest organ that absorbs what we put onto it!! Well Voilà! I finally woke up and LISTENED to what Kim had to say..

Listened about the Movement to change the Industry, Listened about the good that Beautycounter was wanting to do not only for itself but to change the regulations so that everyone can benefit from the effort and the trail blazing they are doing to insist on transparency and better reforms in the beauty industry... Well what was I waiting for? This was totally aligned with what I wanted to promote and where I wanted to be and who I wanted to be surround with and surround by.. that I CHOSE to Jump on board and support the movement and I Honestly haven’t looked back since... YES I still work in Real Estate, and even Design on occasion, but I have found my balance through a holistic world that involves people that are working towards a soulful goal to help clean up this world, a goal to feel good in our own skin. I don’t let people ask me how my business is anymore instead I ask them to change that question to how I am doing and how my family is doing because that’s the greater goal that’s the importance of why we work, it’s to enjoy life and bring joy to those around us.. I won’t be remembered for how many houses I sold or designed but I may be remembered for how many peoples lives I’ve touched or supported through their search for their perfect property or who I’ve helped pack up their memories and put a For Sale sign at their front door.. being more compassionate and looking to help support the human side , the emotional side is really my greater goal. Balancing hormones, reducing toxins, and living a truer more balanced Happy life, that’s is where I am at today, these little tools have brought me to a level of clearer consciousness and I am able to give more to those that I work with and support them with strength through their journeys in life.. I have arrived where my hormones are in check and my stress levels have reduced, I now schedule in yoga in my agenda.. sorry anyone who looks for me Monday and Fridays mornings.. I’m in yoga! And I’ve decided to respect myself and to give that knowledge to others.. sharing the options that exist that do have an effect on our bodies, minds and souls.. And boy do I love the people I’m surrounded by. I feel lucky to have clued into what was causing my stress, it wasn’t the job, it was ME! Well, I’ve checked that girl at the door.. and all the endocrine disrupting products along with her..

Esoteric, Aligned, In-tune. These are words that describe my state as I walk through life and Bold, Brave and Beautiful is how I hope to be seen as I weave through life and accept that I don’t need to live towards the expectations of others, that I can be multi passionate and have the strength to do what my heart tells me.. even if it’s not always clear to others. I nicknamed myself Welmä since that refers to a Wellness Advocate Mama for ALL .. every small change can lead to a much greater accomplishment! If you need help balancing your life and feel your hormones or emotions may be slightly out of whack. You aren’t alone. We can tweak a few simple things by reducing our toxic load, by taking a few deep breaths and by coming back to our HEARTS not our heads! And by choosing things that are good for us, that work For us not Against us.

With that everything else can fall a little easier into place. No one is perfect but Now I have learned to be good to myself, mistakes and all. I take the time for myself and look after myself so that I can have the time to give to others. Scheduling in Good food, Great friends, Yoga, Essential Oils and Amazing Skin Care. I'm having fun living the life of a MultiPreneur and being MultiPassionate. Who said only one road was the right road? It is the road to Happiness that counts. I have now coined myself as a Soulfulpreneur.. here to lead my life from the heart.


“Make mistakes, take chances, be silly, be imperfect, trust yourself and follow your heart. Anonymous.”


Reach Out...

If you want to know more don’t be shy to reach out. I’m not sharing to keep it for myself I’m sharing to help others like me.. If you can change 5% today that’s enough to change your baseline for life. 5% plus 5% can eventually equal 100% it's that simple. Start small, so that it can multiply in YOUR favour too! Stress and anger are NOT a necessary evil that one needs to live by. Happiness, Joy, Alignment those are words I’m aiming for as my baseline for life! Are you?

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